Sunday, September 13, 2015


From April to June Jase was in Clarksville, TN selling. I got to go out there 3 times to see him and I really grew to love this place. We were about an hour from Nashville and it was so fun getting to explore that city. It's a place that wasn't necessarily on the top of our list to visit BUT I am so glad that we got the opportunity to. I love it there and would not be mad if we went back to visit when we have more time time to explore.

If you ever find yourself in Tennessee (Nashville specifically), here are some of the things we did and I recommend.

#1- Mas Tacos  

This is the grungiest looking restaurant but with that comes amazing flavor (; I ordered a beef taco, tortilla soup, and their pineapple aqua fresca and I have craved this combo everyday since I first tried it. Hands down this is the number once place I recommend to eat here. Definitely look it up and go get you some yummy Mexican food! I found a few blogs who have copycat recipes for Mas Tacos and I can't wait to try them when Jase gets back! I'm really going to miss this place!

Tortilla Soup 

Pineapple Aqua Fresca (Hurry and try this before summer ends and you switch over to everything pumpkin spice) 

Quino Sweet Potato Taco (Never tried this but really wanted to, I'm going to make it at home)

This place has the most unique hamburgers. I ordered the Cheeseburger which has Cheddar, Swiss and Muenster cheese on it and DANG, it was so good. I also heard the Farm Burger was really good! I switched out my regular fries for sweet potato fries and was glad I did, they were really tasty! Maybe hit up Mas Tacos for lunch and then The Pharmacy for dinner because they are both amazing. 

We came here a couple different times and just cruised up and down the street. We usually would pick out a restaurant to eat at that had live entertainment and we had a blast hanging out, eating and listening to live music. Lots of museums to go through if you have the time. I love the culture here, it's everything you would think Nashville is. I was ready to turn in my converse for some cowgirl boots! 

We walked up Nashville Pedestrian Bridge which lends for an awesome view of downtown Nashville and the river. 

Lots of yummy food and things to see here! We got to sample things like peach cobbler and mini donuts and then of course there was unique jewelry, antiques, etc for sale. 

Jase's work schedule is crazy so it's hard to get to do a lot when I was there to visit. Here are a list of things I plan to go back and do one day, preferably when the CMA's are happening because there are TONS of concerts to attend on the river which I think would be a blast (:

Music City Walk of Fame
Gaylord Opryland
CMA Music Festival

Check out this sunset from Jase's apartment in Clarksville, they always had the prettiest sunsets out there! PLUS they have thousands of fireflies and it is AMAZING when they come out at night! Tennessee is truly a beautiful place!

PS My favorite restaurants in Clarksville were Cheddars and Old Chicago....they are chain restaurants but I sure will miss them not being in Utah! 

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